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Advanced Biology Through Inquiry Teacher Guide (PS-2852A)

This award-winning Advanced Biology Teacher’s Guide includes 18 guided-inquiry labs for AP®, IB®, and honors biology courses. Includes editable students handouts and teacher guides.

This manual includes challenging, standards-based lab activities with inquiry extensions. They can be edited to suit the needs of your students or to better coordinate with your classroom lectures.  All labs are also accompanied by a complete teacher's guide that includes helpful background information and teacher tips, as well as multiple-choice questions to help you prepare students for the AP exam.


10 Transpiration

11 Mitosis

12 Meiosis

13 Energy Dynamics

14 Artificial Selection

15 BLAST Bioinformatics

16 Population Genetics

17 Mathematical Modeling of Evolution

18 Animal Behavior

Lab Activities​

1A Enzyme Activity (Pressure)
1B Enzyme Activity (Oxygen)
1C Enzyme Activity (Spectrometer)
02 Diffusion
03 Osmosis
04 Plasmolysis
05 Cell Size
06 Homeostasis
07 Cellular Respiration
08 Photosynthesis
09 Plant Pigments

Essential Biology Teacher Lab Manual (EB-6331)

This printed lab manual includes 23 lab activities that can be edited to suit the needs of your students or to better coordinate with your classroom lectures. Teacher guides and student handouts are included for each investigation. Student handouts include procedural instructions, blank graphs and tables for data entry, and analysis questions with space for students to record their answers. Each investigation is tightly integrated with our innovative software, sensors, and equipment.


Lab Activities:

1A Enzyme Action (Pressure Sensor) 
1B Enzyme Action (Oxygen Sensor)             
02 Membrane Permeability
03 Organisms and pH
04 Osmosis
05 Plant Respiration and Photosynthesis 
06 Respiration of Germinating Seeds     
07 Buffers in Biological Systems
08 Acid Rain     
09 Cellular Respiration in Yeast
10 Energy Content of Food
11 Metabolism of Yeast
12 Photosynthesis of Aquatic Plants

13 Soil pH
14 Transpiration
15 Water and pH
16 Water Purification
17 Weather in a Terrarium
18 EKG: Factors that Affect the Heart
19 Exercise and Heart Rate
20 Exercise and Blood Pressure
21 Muscle Strength
22 Regulation of Body Heat
23 Volume of Breath

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