Modern Electrical Machines Training System

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Modern electrical machines training system is a revolutionary way of safely studying the characteristics of different motor types in a learning environment. This solution includes seven different types of machine, integrated power supply and control box and PC-based applications for advanced controller of the different machine types. Further to this, we provide four separate curriculum manuals for teaching electrical machines principles using manual control with external meters, using PC control and also control using MATLAB.


  • Safe Operation; all moving parts covered

  • Operates on 24V power, AC or DC

  • Use manual or full PC Controls for the motors

  • Measure voltage, current and power in DC and AC

  • All machines are small footprint and low power

  • Equipment can be easily stored and packed away

  • Two optional add-on modules: Electrical machines locked-rotor and Transformers

Electric Power Technology Training Program (8010)

The Electric Power Technology Training Program is a modular study program divided into courses, each course dealing with a specific aspect of the wide field of electrical energy. The program is shown below as a flow chart, each box in the flow chart representing a course. Each course in the program includes a full-color student manual providing all the theoretical matter required, guided lab-exercise procedures to be performed with the training equipment, and review questions that test the knowledge gained by the student. Whenever possible, each course is built to bring the student to actual applications as soon as possible. A full-color instructor guide providing all lab results and answers to questions is also included with each course. Refer to the Course Description section of this data sheet for additional information about each of the courses in the Electric Power Technology Training Program.

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