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Our STEM Course and Curriculum

On this page you will find out what STEM courses we can offer, our courses include Coding, Sense and Control, Mapping and Navigating, Reality 3D Camera, 3D Printer, and Laser Fundamental Theory.



Empower students to think “big picture” about coding and its potential applications as they investigate the world around them using sensors and code.


Grade Level: Middle School
Subject: STEM

Coding with Sensor Technologies

Introduce students to coding with sensors and essential science phenomena using the //code.Node’s programmable sensors, lights, and sounds.

  • Investigate science phenomena

  • Learn to apply key coding concepts

  • Create a code-controlled night light

  • Includes printed activities & video lessons


使用 //code.Node 的可編程傳感器、燈光和聲音向學生介紹傳感器和基本科學現象的編碼。

  • 調查科學現象

  • 學習應用關鍵的編碼概念

  • 打造碼控夜燈

  • 包括印刷活動和視頻課程


Grade Level: Elementary, Middle School
Subject: STEM

Coding with Vehicle Sensor Technologies

Explore the science and sensors behind modern vehicles, while teaching students about physical science as they design, test, measure, and code with sensors that mimic real-world vehicle technology.

  • Transform the //code.Node into a vehicle sensing device

  • Program an odometer for the //code.Node Cart

  • Create a radar detector to catch speeding carts

  • Includes printed activities & video lessons


  • 將 //code.Node 轉化為車輛傳感設備

  • 為 //code.Node Cart 編寫里程表

  • 創建雷達探測器以捕捉超速推車

  • 包括印刷活動和視頻課程


Grade Level: Elementary, Middle School

Subject: STEM

Coding with Sound and Light Sensor Technologies

Engage students in the exploration of light and sound with exciting activities and familiar phenomena that bring concepts to life.

  • Experiment with light, color, and sound

  • Program a //code.Node color sensor and song

  • Detect intruders with a home alarm system

  • Includes printed activities and video lessons


  • 嘗試光線、顏色和聲音

  • 編寫 //code.Node 顏色傳感器和歌曲

  • 使用家庭警報系統檢測入侵者

  • 包括印刷活動和視頻課程


1645856 ST-7840.jpg

2.1 PASCObot Sense & Control

The PASCObot Sense and Control Kit is supported by digital student activities that cover everything from coding the robot’s first movements to navigating it through a custom obstacle course. Once they've mastered the basics, students can continue their journey by creating their own Blockly programs, PASCObot challenges, and head-to-head competitions.

Grade Level: Middle School

Subject: STEM

1646154 ST-2997.jpg

2.2 Greenhouse Sense and Control Kit 

The Greenhouse Sense & Control Kit is supported by student activities that can be edited to fit your course needs. Each activity builds students' computational thinking skills through Blockly programming and includes opportunities to focus on biology or environmental science concepts. Every investigation includes extensions that enhance engineering and design practices.

Grade Level: Middle School

Subject: Life Science

1645843 PS-5050.jpg

2.3 //control.Node Sense and Control Kit

Students use elements of the engineering design process to turn on lights, run a cooling fan, open doors, launch rubber bands, and much more.

Grade Level: High School • Middle School

Subject: STEM


2.4 StructureBOT

Program this StructureBOT to move and pick up objects. This versatile robot is constructed out of PASCO Structures components, enabling students to build several different configurations of the StructureBOT (front-wheel steering, rear-wheel steering, with and without the gripper).

Grade Level: College • High School

Subject: Engineering


2.5 Motorized Drawbridge

Build this drawbridge from PASCO Structures, add a stepper motor and gears, and write code to raise and lower it. This bridge kit also includes a Wireless Load Cell/Accelerometer to measure forces within the bridge while it moves.

Grade Level: College • High School

Subject: Engineering


2.6 Motorized Crane

The Motorized Crane is made using PASCO Structures and is controlled and powered by the //control.Node. Students can program the controller to run the stepper motor and servo motors using Blockly coding embedded in PASCO Capstone or SPARKvue software.

Grade Level: College • High School

Subject: Engineering


Create your own campus map

  • Participate in building maps

  • Campus map can be used for campus navigation

  • Items location in school

  • On-campus tracking


  • 參與建立地圖

  • 校內地圖(包括課室)可用於校內導航

  • 物品定位

  • 軌跡追蹤


Mapxus’ Indoor Geospatial Intelligence

During the course the students will learn how to:

  • Gather the data for a smart-city big data applications

  • Convert the data into a usable form in a geographic information system. Digital map with positioning, navigation and and searchable information storage. Innovate new applications/solutions using this technology 

  • Develop usable solutions and real-world applications. Software Development Kit.

  • Integrate IoT and robotics into these applications.

Grade Level: Middle School, High School, College

Subject: STEM


學習和了解實景三維技術(Reality 3D Camera),在課程結束,學生能夠:

  • 實景複刻(Digital Twins),由整個校園到一件陶藝作品

  • 記錄學生精彩作品的喜悅

  • 記錄歷屆學生精心設計的壁報板

  • 記錄校園每年處處的變化

  • ​更加生動的學校開放日

學生還可以通過實景三維相機進行資料獲取及空間建模,將自動計算生成的模型資料作為空間識別資料。基於空間識別資料,您可以輕鬆的將 AR 增強現實的內容精准疊加到現實環境中。

使用 SpaceTarget,您可以在學校實驗室圖書館課室等各類場所創建遊戲、導航應用、空間標示等 AR 內容。

In a world filled with the products of scientific inquiry, scientific literacy has become a necessity for everyone.

National Science Education Standards, 1996

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