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PHY01 Basics of pulse echo method (A-Scan) 脈衝回波法基礎

Examination of a sample with built-in discontinuities by means of the pulse echo method

Investigation of the acoustic attenuation in different liquids in dependence on the sound path

PHY07 Shear waves in solids 固體中的剪切波

Investigation of the formation and propagation of longitudinal and shear acoustic waves in solids based upon the ultrasonic transmission through a plane parallel plate at different angles of incidence

PHY10 Characteristics of Sound Field 聲場特性

Investigation of the sound field of an ultrasonic probe in water using a hydrophone

PHY13 Ultrasonic Doppler Effect 超聲多普勒效應

Basics of flow measurements on the basis of the ultrasonic Doppler effect

PHY17 Acousto-Optical Modulation at Standing Waves 駐波聲光調製

Investigation of the acousto-optical effect of the amplitude and phase modulation of light diffracted at a standing ultrasonic wave

PHY21 Reflection and transmission at boundaries 邊界反射和傳輸

Investigation of the effect of reflection and transmission of ultrasonic waves at boundaries, Determination of the reflection coefficient

PHY24 Thermoacoustic sensor 熱聲傳感器

Introduction into the problem of the power measurement of ultrasound using the example of the thermoacoustic sensor

MED03 Basics of Doppler sonography 多普勒超聲基礎 

Acquiring the physical and signal-theoretical basics for blood flow examinations by means of the ultrasonic Doppler effect (Doppler sonography)

MED06 Peripheral Doppler blood pressure measurement 外周多普勒血壓測量

Demonstration of the relationship between blood pressure measurements and blood flow examinations by means of the ultrasonic Doppler method

MED09 Mamma sonography 乳房超聲檢查

Examination of realistic breast models with cysts and tumors using ultrasound B-image method

IND02 Detection of cracks with Rayleigh waves 用瑞利波檢測裂縫

Examination and propagation of Rayleigh waves along an aluminum test block

IND05 Doppler flow measurement 多普勒流量測量

Investigation of the dependence of the Doppler frequency on the flow for a fixed arrangement as regards pipe diameter and Doppler angle

IND08 Detection of discontinuities 不連續性檢測

Analysis of applicability and performance of different discontinuity locating techniques of non-destructive testing with ultraound using a test block with different types of discontinuities (defects)

PHY02 Sound velocity in solids 固體聲速

Determination of the longitudinal sound velocity in acrylic at two different sound frequencies

PHY05 Spectral investigations 光譜調查

Demonstration of the difference between the spectrum of a pulse and the spectra of periodic signals using the simple model of multiple reflection at a plate

PHY08 Ultrasonic B-Scan 超聲波 B 掃描

Demonstration of the basics of the B-scan method by recording the ultrasonic cross-sectional image of a simple test object “by hand” using an ultrasonic echoscope

PHY11 Debye-Sears Effect 德拜-西爾斯效應

Diffraction of light at a standing ultrasonic wave (Debye-Sears effect) in a liqui

PHY15 Fluid Mechanics 流體力學

Demonstration of fundamental fluid laws during flow measurements using the ultrasonic Doppler effect

PHY19 Phase and Group Velocity 相位和群速度

Investigation of the phase and group velocity of an ultrasonic wave in water

PHY22 Phase shift and resonance effects 相移和共振效應

Recording of ultrasonic signals from reflections at boundaries of different materials and analysis regarding their phase position

MED01 Ultrasonic TM-mode (echocardiography) 超聲 TM 模式(超聲心動圖)

Simulation of the movement of the cardiac wall with a simple heart model, examination by means of the time-motion method (TM-mode, echocardiography), determination of heart rate and cardiac output

MED04 Biometry at the eye phantom 眼部模型的生物測量

Measurement of times of flight at an eye phantom as a typical biometric ultrasonic application

MED07 Ultrasonic-Test-Phantom 超聲波測試體模

Examination of an ultrasound test phantom with a normal beam probe and/or an array probe. Assessment of accuracy and performance of the ultrasound system in terms of resolution, dead zone

MED10 Gallbladder ultrasound 膽囊超聲

Examination of a gallbladder model with serveral pathologies using the ultrasound B-image method

IND03 Level measurement 液位測量

Installation of an ultrasonic level measurement for a two-phase liquid tank of any desired shape

IND06 Angle beam testing 角梁測試

Demonstration of the use of ultrasonic angle beam probes for localizing discontinuities

IND09 Transit time flow meter 時差流量計

Flow measurements using the ultrasonic transit time method

PHY03 Acoustic attenuation in solids 固體聲衰減

Determination of the attenuation of an ultrasonic wave on its way through a medium

PHY06 Frequency dependence of resolution power 分辨率的頻率依賴性

Investigation of the axial resolution power of two ultrasonic probes of different frequency based on two small and closely spaced discontinuities

PHY09 Ultrasonic computer tomography (CT) 超聲計算機斷層掃描

Demonstration of the formation of an ultrasonic CT scan

PHY12 Projection of Standing Waves 駐波投影

Projection of a standing ultrasonic wave in a liquid by means of divergent laser ligh

PHY16 Mechanical Scan Methods 機械掃描方法

Recording of ultrasonic B-scan images of a simple test object with two ultrasonic probes of different frequencies using a computer controlled scanner

PHY20 Determination of focus zone 焦點區域的確定

Characterization of the sound fields of two ultrasonic probes of different frequencies by scanning reflection and transmission with a hydrophone (near field length, focus zone, axial resolution power)

PHY23 Dispersion of ultrasonic waves (Lamb waves) 超聲波的色散(拉姆波)

Investigation of the phenomenon of formation and propagation of guided ultrasonic waves (Lamb waves)

MED02 Ultrasonic imaging at breast phantom (mammasonography) 乳房模型的超聲成像(乳房超聲檢查)

Examination of a realistic breast phantom with tumors and their localization and estimation of their size in the B-scan method

MED05 Vascular ultrasound (angiology) 血管超聲(血管學)

Demonstration of blood flow examinations by means of the ultrasonic Doppler method using a realistic arm phantom, Presentation of the differences between continuous venous and pulsatile arterial flow

MED08 Ultrasonic-Fetus-Phantom 超聲波-胎兒-體模

Simulation of biometric measurements as carried out during pregnancy, Examination of image artefacts

IND01 Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) 無損檢測 

To localize and determine the size of discontinuities in accordance with the pulse echo method

IND04 Concentration measurement with resonance cell 使用共振池進行濃度測量

Investigation of the dependence of the sound velocity in a salt solution upon the concentration

IND07 Crack depth determination (TOFD) 裂紋深度測定

Crack depth determination upon an aluminum test block with defined cracks

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