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MindLabs: Energy & Circuits Single Set

Create, play, and collaborate from any location!

The MindLabs Energy and Circuits Kit is a magical STEM learning tool for children ages 8 and older. It combines 20 game cards, a free digital app, and augmented reality to provide students with a fun and immersive learning experience. Play alone, or collaborate with friends, as you add and remove cards, draw wires, and create circuits that come to life in 3D! The ideal learning tool for solo or team play, MindLabs enables students to explore energy sources, circuits, and more.

MindLabs 能量和電路套件是一種神奇的 STEM 學習工具,適用於 8 歲及以上的兒童。 它結合了 20 張遊戲卡、一個免費的數字應用程序和增強現實,為學生提供有趣和身臨其境的學習體驗。 獨自玩耍或與朋友合作,添加和移除卡片、繪製電線並創建 3D 栩栩如生的電路! MindLabs 是單獨或團隊合作的理想學習工具,使學生能夠探索能源、電路等。

  1. Download the free app in the App Store or Google Play Store - MindLabs: Energy and Circuits.

  2. Open the app and select Challenge or Create from the menu.

  3. Find the character card in your card deck and point your mobile device at the card.

  4. Progress through the Challenges to learn circuit and energy basics.

  5. Create your own unique circuits, independently or collaborate with friends

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