Closed Tube Resonance in an Air Column with the Resonance Tube 

  1. Resonance Air Column with Speaker (WA-9594)

  2. Sine Wave Generator (WA-9867)

  3. Tuning Fork Set (SE-7342)

  4. Technical Tuning Fork Set (SE-7728)


Ripple Tank System (WA-9899 #1369991)

WA-9899 1.png
WA-9899 3.png

PASCO String Vibrator, Sine Wave Generator, and Strobe System

  • Strobe System (ME-6978 #1044396 )

  • Strobe Lamp Module (ME-6982 #1044397)

  • String Vibrator (WA-9857A #1554174)

  • Sine Wave Generator (WA-9867 #963800)

  • Photogate Head (ME-9498A #1044272)


Sonometer (WA-7428)

After an overview of sonometer features, we demonstrate two approaches to making measurements in an investigation of wavelength vs frequency. One uses a sound sensor and FFT display to determine the frequency, while the other adjusts wavelength to achieve resonance with a tuning fork.

1645858 WA-7428.png