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Fluid Mechanics

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Learning Objectives/Experiments:

  • Calibration of a bourdon gauge

  • Centre of pressure on a partially and fully submerged plane

  • Viscosity apparatus, demonstrating Stoke’s law

  • Use of manometers and different types (multitube manometer, U-tube manometer and inclined manometer)

  • Bernoulli’s equation and using a Venturi tube as a flow meter

  • Losses in bends, measuring and comparing pressure losses of different bend geometries

  • Centrifugal pump characteristics, experimentally determining the pressure/flow rate characteristics of a pump and determining the overall efficiency

  • Series pumps, experimentally determining the pressure/flow characteristics of 2 pumps connected in series configuration

  • Parallel pumps, experimentally determining the pressure/flow characteristics of 2 pumps connected in parallel configuration


Fluid Science

Introduce students to the world of engineering at the earliest opportunity with Armfield’s new Fluid Science range. Built on a proven track record of developing innovative hands-on teaching equipment the Fluid Science Series enables students to gain an understanding of the fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics and Thermo Fluids via hands-on experimentation.

Fluid Science:
FS-SU Fluid Science Service Unit
FS-1.1 Fluid Science Flow Measurement
FS-1.2 Energy Losses in Straight Pipes
FS-1.3 Energy Losses in Bends
FS-2.1 Manometer – Inclined
FS-2.2 Manometer – U Tube
FS-3.1 Shell & Heat Exchanger
FS-3.2 Tubular Exchanger
FS-3.3 Cross Flow
FS-3.4 Plate
FS-4.1 Manometer – Fluidised Bed


Comprehensive Fluid Mechanics

F1-10 Hydraulics Bench,

F4-Precision Pressure Gauge Calibrator,

F5-Osbourne Reynolds’ Apparatus,

F6-Air Flow Studies,

F12 – Particle Draw Coefficients,

F9092 Fluid Properties & Hydrostatics Bench


F1-11 Dead Weight Pressure Gauge Calibrator

F1-12 Hydrostatic Pressure

F1-14 Metacentric Height

F1-29 Fluid Statics and Manometry

F1-30 Fluid Properties Apparatus

F1-31 Pascal’s Apparatus


F1-15 Bernoulli’s Theorem Demonstration,

F1-16 Impact of a Jet,

F1-17 Orifice and Free Jet Flow,

F1-17A Orifice Discharge,

F1-18 Energy Losses in Pipes,

F1-20 Osbourne Reynolds’ Demonstration,

F1-21 Flow Meter Demonstration,

F1-22 Energy Losses in Bends and Fittings,

F1-23 Free and Forced Vortex,

F1-24 Hydraulic Ram,

F1-28 Cavitation Demonstration,

F1-33 Pitot Tube Demonstrator,

C7-MkII Pipe surge and water hammer apparatus

C11-MkII Pipe networks accessary

S16 Hydraulic flow Demonstrator


F1-13 Flow Over Weir,

F1-19 Flow channel

C4-MkII Multi-purpose teaching flume

S16 Hydraulic flow demonstrator


F1-25 Demonstration Pelton Turbine,

F1-26 Series parallel pumps

F1-27 Centrifugal pump characteristics

F1-32 Francis Turbine,

F1-35 Series/Parallel Pumps,

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