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PASCO's Integrated Solutions for Environmental Science

Facilitate discovery-based environmental inquiry in your classroom with PASCO. We offer cutting-edge solutions for both general and advanced Environmental Science classes, as well as Ag Science. Using our award-winning wireless sensors and SPARKvue software, students can collect and analyze data and see their lab results, all in real time and on their own devices. Our wireless sensors are rugged, suitable for use inside or outside the classroom, and have a long battery life. These sensors are powerful tools for environmental monitoring and experimentation anytime, anywhere. And our free digital labs may provide the exact lab investigation you have been seeking.

1621773 EB-6336 2.png

Agricultural Science Starter Lab Station 
EB-6336 #​


  • 1x Wireless pH Sensor

  • 1x Wireless CO₂ Sensor

  • 1x Wireless Conductivity Sensor

  • 1x Wireless Colorimeter & Turbidity Sensor

  • 1x Wireless Temperature Sensor

Agricultural Science Extension Lab Station 
EB-6337 #​


  • 1x Wireless Weather Sensor with GPS

  • 1x Weather Vane Accessory

  • 1x Wireless Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

  • 1x EcoZone System

Lab Activities Videos
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