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FACET® Electronics Training System (91000)

The FACET® Electronics Training Systems is a unique combination of hardware and software that provides a complete learning solution. It is a modular training system that encompasses four areas of study:

• Basic Principles of Electricity and Electronics

• Digital and Microprocessor Electronics

• Industrial Electronics

• Communications

The hardware components of the FACET® training systems are completely safe and designed for durability. Circuits can be faulted to teach real-world troubleshooting. Students perform experiments on a wide range of electronics and electricity training modules that combine theory and application with practical skill-training techniques. Boards connect with a base unit that distributes power and controls the circuits of the different learning modules.

Features & Benefits

  • Durable construction integrating mechanical components capable of thousands of cycles of operation.

  • Voltage regulation and protection against over-voltage and short-circuit conditions for safety in training.

  • Minimal wiring required to save lab time.

  • Variety of industrial-grade components provide broad, hands-on, real-world training experience.

  • Student-controlled and computer-activated circuit modification capability.

  • Fault-insertion capability to teach troubleshooting.

  • Comprehensive curriculum.

  • Sturdy trays for easy handling and connection to base unit.

  • Mind-Sight is the only Learning Content Management System (LCMS) that seamlessly integrates with base units.

  • Silk-screened circuit and component identification.

  • Gold-plated zero insertion force (ZIF) connector technology.

Topic Coverage

  • Basic Electricity & Electronics

  • Digital and Microprocessor Electronics

  • Industrial Electronics

  • Communications Systems

  • Estimated TOTAL program duration: 400 hours

List of Equipment

  • Manual Base Unit with Built-In Power Supply

  • Computer Interface Base Unit with Built-In Power Supply

  • DC Fundamentals

  • DC Network Theorems

  • AC 1 Fundamentals

  • AC 2 Fundamentals

  • Semiconductor Devices

  • Transistor Amplifier Circuits

  • Transistor Power Amplifiers

  • Transistor Feedback Circuits

  • Power Supply Regulation Circuits

  • FET Fundamentals

  • Thyristors and Power Control Circuits

  • Operational Amplifier Fundamentals

  • Operational Amplifier Applications

  • Digital Logic Fundamentals

  • Digital Circuit Fundamentals

  • Digital Circuit Fundamentals

  • 32-Bit Microprocessor

  • 32-Bit Microprocessor (Stand-Alone)

  • Analog Communications

  • Transducer Fundamentals

  • Magnetism and Electromagnetism

  • Generator Buffer

  • Digital Communications

  • Digital Communications

  • Motors, Generators and Controls

  • Fiber Optic Communications

  • Power Transistors and GTO Thyristor

  • Communications Transmission Lines


  • Digital Signal Processor

  • Accessory Kit

  • Breadboard

  • Microprocessor Application Board

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FACET Catalog
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Electronics Training

Microcontroller Learning - PIC and Arduino  &  FLOWCODE Software

eblock2 cover.png
  • Flexibility through modular design

  • Small and compact solution

  • Rugged and long lasting

  • Seeed® Grove module compatible

  • In-Circuit Test & Debugging

  • Integration with Flowcode IDE

  • Integration with Arduino

  • Power routed through connectors

E-blocks2 is the latest generation of microcontroller boards from Matrix. With over 30 boards available, the E-blocks2 range includes upstream and downstream boards, as well as cost saving bundles, all of which allow you to build a complete system in a matter of minutes.

The E-blocks2 system is ideal for everyone, from those learning in an educational environment to engineers in the industrial world. Use of E-blocks is well supported with complementary ranges of software (including PIC, dsPIC, ARM and AVR Arduino IDE, Flowcode), and support for Grove® sensors. Technical support is available from our dedicated team through our forums.

flowcode cove.jpg


Flowcode is a graphical programming Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that allows you to develop highly functional electrical, electronic and electromechanical systems for microcontroller based systems and for Windows PCs and tablets.

Flowcode Embedded allows you to easily create highly functional programs for popular microcontrollers.

Flowcode App Developer allows you to create great Human Machine Interfaces for Windows PCs and tablets interfacing to hardware systems and low cost input output boards - locally (USB/Buetooth) or remotely (Wi-Fi, LAN, Internet).

Flowcode Software
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