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Atmospheric Pressure

  1. ME-8966A: Atmospheric Pressure Demonstrator

  2. SE-9717A: Magdeburg Plates

  3. SE-9790: Student Bell Jar


Conservation of Energy

Dynamics System:

  • ME-5713: Plastic Carts with Metal Track 2.2m

  • ME-5716: Metal Carts with Metal Track 2.2m

  • ME-5719A: Smart Carts with Metal Track 2.2m

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Drop Shot Projectile

  1. ME-9859 Drop Shoot Accessory

  2. ME-6800 Projectile Launcher


Inertia Wands

  1. ME-9847: Rotational Inertia Wands

1044248 ME-9847.png

Predicting Projectile Motion with Blockly

  1. ME-6800 Projectile Launcher

  2. PS-3225 Wireless Smart Gate


Rotational Inertia Spheres

  1. ME-8968 Spherical Mass Set

  2. SE-7347 No-Bounce Pad


Smart Fan and Fan Sail

  1. ME-1242 Smart Fan Accessory

  2. ME-1248 Fan Sail


Smart Cart Motor Control System

  1. ME-1247 Smart Cart Motor

  2. Dynamics System

1625834 ME-1247.png

Statics & Torque with the Meter Stick Torque Set

  1. ME-7033 Meter Stick Torque Set

  2. ME-7032 Meter Sticks (set of 6)

  3. ME-7034 Pivot

  4. ME-6855 Tension Protractor

  5. ME-7032 Meter Sticks (set of 6)

  6. EM-8648 Neodymium Magnets