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Frequently asked questions

I cannot connect my PASCO Wireless Sensor to software.

General PASCO Wireless Troubleshooting (all platforms) 1. Make sure your computer/tablet/phone has Bluetooth 4.0 capability and Bluetooth is turned on 2. Check that your PASCO software is a current version: Capstone 1.10 or higher, SPARKvue 4.0 or higher 3. Wireless Sensor Hard Reset: Hold down the power (on/off) button for ~10 seconds. Release button. Lights will flash. Turn sensor back on. Try to pair sensor to PASCO software again. 4. Connect Wireless Sensor to PASCO software (via USB if available on sensor) to check for a firmware update. Update your sensor.

How many wireless sensors I can connect to Sparkvue through bluetooth?

There is a limited amount of band width through which the sensors can transmit data, so there is generally a limited number of paired devices that are available through the BT type connection. For our PS-3500’s the limit is 3 connected sensors or interfaces, but for the native Windows BT stacks, the number can be much larger, but this would depend on the specific hardware that is used within the particular computer.

//code.Node (PS-3231), Bluetooth light is always on. press and hold the power button and it will go out, but when I release my finger, it will turn on again.

Plug the device into a dedicated USB power source, and press and hold the power button for 10 s. This should hopefully reset the device.

Can I set a Start Condition for PASCO sensors in SPARKvue?

SPARKvue does not have a Start Condition option for sensors. This is one of the more advanced methods found in Capstone.