Wireless Sensors

Award-winning Wireless Sensors utilize Bluetooth Low Energy technology and effortlessly sync with Mac and Windows, smartphones, tablets, and Chromebooks to display live, interactive data.

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//control.Node SENSE & CONTROL KIT

PASCO Catalog Education 2022 has been published,please contact us to get a hard copy , or you can download the electronic version

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Teklink is a Hong Kong company that sells 3D printers and provides 3D printing services. 
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PASCO and A&P are very excited to announce a new product called MindLabs. This Augmented Reality (AR) product is targeted for ages 8+ (Primary school levels). 

Link to MindLabs   /2021.5

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Catalog Education 2021 has been published,
please contact us if you need it, or you can download the electronic version

Download Catalog   /2021.4 

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