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A multi output digital microscope camera has digital and analogue connections giving you a solution for each situation. It allows you to connect the digital microscope camera to a TV monitor, projector or computer.


Moticam 1080X

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Moticam1080X Specification Details

Sensor:  IMX185
Sensor size:  1/1.9”
Image area:  7.20 x 4.05mm

Capture resolution:  8MP on SD card
Pixel size:  3.75 x 3.75μm
Scan mode:  Progressive
Shutter mode:  Rolling Shutter
Exposure time:  0.06~918ms
Max. frames per second (fps*):  HDMI: 30fps @1920x1080 / WIFI : 25fps @1920x1080
WiFi Performance:  802.11n 150Mbps; RF Power 20dBm (Maximum)
Maximum Connected Devices:  3~6(According to the Environment and Connection Distance)
Operating temperature:  From -10 to +50 Degrees Celsius non condensing 
G Sensitivity Dark Signal:  120 mv with 1/30s | 0.15 mv with 1/30s
Operating Humidity:  30~80%RH
Lens Mount:  C-Mount
Software:  MotiConnect for Android/iOS; Motic Images Plus 3.1 for Windows/Mac OS
Package includes: 12V Power Adapter, CS Ring,Motic 4-dot calibration slide, Dust Cap, Manual, 12mm lens, Adapter φ30/φ38, Macro Tube, Macro Calibration card

A unique solution to turn your old microscope into a Wi-Fi station, enabled to share your images with up to 6 devices at the same time. Simply logon with your tablet or smartphone and get ready to capture, edit and store your microscope images with the free App MotiConnect.

It does not require a computer for standard operation, as it comes with an on-board software that will allow you to use it by simply connecting it to a screen through its HDMI port, and with a mouse connected to the USB port of the camera.

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