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PASCO's Sensor-based Solutions for Elementary Science

At PASCO, we develop STEM solutions so simple and accessible that they can be utilized by even the youngest of scientists. Our wireless sensors and experimental solutions are the perfect way to introduce elementary students to inquiry-based discovery learning, without overwhelming them. Simply sync the sensor with your device, press start, and live data recording begins.

在 PASCO,我們開發的 STEM 解決方案非常簡單易用,即使是最年輕的科學家也可以使用。 我們的無線傳感器和實驗解決方案是向小學生介紹基於探究的發現學習的完美方式,而不會讓他們不知所措。 只需將傳感器與您的設備同步,按開始,即可開始實時數據記錄。

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Elementary Science Lab Stations PS-3314 (1621804)

Engage young learners in the investigation of natural phenomena with technology and activities from PASCO Lab Stations!

  1. Includes 10 standards-aligned investigations, wireless sensors, coding extension activities, and a storage tray

  2. Supports distance learning with video recordings and data files for all 10 investigations

  3. Grants digital access to the Essential Middle School Science Lab Manual

  4. Combine sensors from the Starter Lab Station and Extension Lab Station to perform all 10 labs from the Essential Middle School Science Lab Manual.

通過 PASCO 實驗室站的技術和活動,讓年輕學習者參與自然現象的調查!

  1. 包括 10 個符合標準的調查、無線傳感器、編碼擴展活動和一個存儲托盤

  2. 支持所有 10 項調查的視頻記錄和數據文件的遠程學習

  3. 授予對基本中學科學實驗室手冊的數字訪問權限

  4. 結合來自 Starter Lab Station 和 Extension Lab Station 的傳感器,執行《基本中學科學實驗室手冊》中的所有 10 個實驗室。

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How a Greenhouse Works? Heat

Investigate how heat inside a model greenhouse if affected by changes to the covering materials on the box.



Monitoring Weather 監測天氣

Elementary Science Extension Lab Station (PS-3315)

Find this activity's free student and teacher files here in PASCO's Experiment Library:

1579449 PS-3209.png

Evidence of Chemical Reactions

Elementary Science Starter Lab Station (PS-3314)

Find this activity's free student and teacher files here in PASCO's Experiment Library:

1548101 PS-3201.png

Egg into a Bottle 雞蛋入瓶

Discover how adding probeware measurements of pressure can enhance the explanation of the classic science demonstration of getting an egg through the narrow neck of a bottle.


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