This Internet of Things solution is designed to allow students to give consideration to current trends in technology, including the future of industrial systems (with Industry 4.0 in mind), the impact of digital developments, the increase of wireless and remote control and the Internet of Things. Our IoT kit comes with a basic guide, to using our Raspberry Pi based MIAC(s) with Node-RED - a flow-based IDE for visual programming for wiring together hardware devices, APIs and online services as part of the Internet of Things. Users of this kit send and receive data remotely via Wi-Fi using pre-built internet communication services. The IoT solution also includes a small selection of Locktronics parts for example work, the pre-written guide is available through the resources in our online learning centre. Learning objectives - Development of Raspberry Pi based IoT applications - Development of cloud-based IoT applications - Exchanging data between IoT devices and cloud-based applications - Utilising Node-RED as an IoT platform for learning and development - Security implications for IoT - Remote datalogging, sensing and control

Internet of Things Solution