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Mapxus’ Indoor Geospatial Intelligence 

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Create your own campus map

  • Participate in building maps

  • Campus map can be used for campus navigation

  • Items location in school

  • On-campus tracking


  • 參與建立地圖

  • 校內地圖(包括課室)可用於校內導航

  • 物品定位

  • 軌跡追蹤


digital intelligence applications


new applications or solutions using this technology 


in innovation competitions for scholarships


in a rewarding career in this field

During the course the students will learn how to:

  • Gather the data for a smart-city big data applications

  • Convert the data into a usable form in a geographic information system. Digital map with positioning, navigation and and searchable information storage.

    Innovate new applications/solutions using this technology 

  • Develop usable solutions and real-world applications. Software Development Kit.

  • Integrate IoT and robotics into these applications.


Mapxus iGeoInt Package

Course Outline:

Module 1   Digital Infrastructure

Module 2   Positioning Data Acquisition

Module 3   360° Visual Tour

Module 4   Software Development Kit

Module 5   Internet of Things

Module 6   Indoor Robotic Navigation


Mapxus iGeoInt Package

Support Services:

  • Our Teacher is avaialble as a professional servicebase on your needs:

    • A standard student class lesson

    • A train-the-trainer lesson

  • A fully operational indoor map of your school/campus

  • Maintenance for the indoor map

  • Hotline and helpdesk support​​

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