STEM Sense solutions promote early excellence in science and STEM education with cross-curricular investigations that help young learners build strong foundations in science, programming and data literacy. Each complete kit includes a hands-on coding device, an editable Teacher Manual, video support, and additional resources to support the seamless integration of real-world STEM investigations into school science courses, STEM programs, and makerspaces

STEM Sense解決方案通過跨課程調查來促進科學和STEM教育的早期卓越成就,這些調查有助於年輕學習者在科學,編程和數據素養方面打下堅實的基礎。 每個完整的工具包均包括動手編碼設備,可編輯的教師手冊,視頻支持以及其他資源,以支持將現實世界中的STEM調查無縫集成到學校科學課程,STEM程序和創客空間中


Coding with Sensor Technologies Kit

ST-7800 (1629134)

The Coding with Sensor Technologies Kit introduces students to coding and includes ten hands-on investigations that explore science phenomena using the //code.Node’s programmable sensors, lights and sounds.


Coding with Vehicle Sensor Technologies Kit


Explore the science and sensors behind today’s modern vehicles, while teaching students about physical science as they design, test, measure and code with sensors that mimic real-world vehicle technology.


Coding with Sound and Light Sensor Technologies Kit


The Coding with Sound and Light Sensor Technologies Kit engages students in the exploration of light and sound with five hands-on coding investigations that use familiar phenomena and real-world sensors to bring concepts to life.