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STEM Sense solutions help build early excellence in science and STEM education with cross-curricular investigations that empower young learners to build strong foundations in science, programming, and data literacy.

STEM Sense 解決方案通過跨課程調查幫助建立科學和 STEM 教育的早期卓越成就,使年輕學習者能夠在科學、編程和數據素養方面打下堅實的基礎。

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Give students full control over their creations with immersive Sense and Control Kits that put science and engineering practices at the center of every coding project.



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Designed for the exploration of biological concepts, the Greenhouse Sense & Control Kit includes everything students need to design, build, program, and study their very own greenhouse.

  • Monitor conditions with the Greenhouse Sensor

  • Use code to automate lighting, watering, and more

  • Make data-based decisions to improve designs

  • Includes EcoChamber, accessories, and five digital student activities



  • 使用溫室傳感器監測條件

  • 使用代碼自動化照明、澆水等

  • 做出基於數據的決策以改進設計

  • 包括 EcoChamber、配件和五個數字學生活動


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The PASCObot Sense & Control Kit helps harness students’ interest in robotics to drive deeper learning in science and STEM.

  • Navigate custom paths, obstacles, and more

  • Control how the bot identifies and responds to objects

  • Use data to debug code and improve iterations

  • Includes PASCObot, accessories, and nine digital student activities

利用學生對機器人技術的興趣來推動科學和 STEM 方面的更深入學習。

  • 導航自定義路徑、障礙物等

  • 控制機器人如何識別和響應對象

  • 使用數據調試代碼和改進迭代

  • 包括 PASCObot、配件和九個數字學生活動

//control.Node SENSE & CONTROL KIT (PS-5050)

1645843 PS-5050.jpg

Ignite student creativity with a variety of //control.Node Sense & Control projects designed to inspire their inner engineer.

  • Design, test, and improve kit projects

  • Engineer student ideas into prototypes

  • Mix-and-match components for unlimited possibilities

  • Includes //code.Node, //control.Node, accessories, and activities.

 //control.Node Sense & Control 套件激發學生的創造力

  • 設計、測試和改進套件項目

  • 將學生的想法設計成原型

  • 混合搭配組件,帶來無限可能

  • 包括 //code.Node、//control.Node、附件和活動。

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Empower students to think “big picture” about coding and its potential applications as they investigate the world around them using sensors and code.


Coding with Sensor Technologies Kit (ST-7800)


Introduce students to coding with sensors and essential science phenomena using the //code.Node’s programmable sensors, lights, and sounds.

  • Investigate science phenomena

  • Learn to apply key coding concepts

  • Create a code-controlled night light

  • Includes printed activities & video lessons

使用 //code.Node 的可編程傳感器、燈光和聲音向學生介紹傳感器和基本科學現象的編碼。

  • 調查科學現象

  • 學習應用關鍵的編碼概念

  • 打造碼控夜燈

  • 包括印刷活動和視頻課程

Coding with Vehicle Sensor Technologies Kit (ST-7820)


Explore the science and sensors behind modern vehicles, while teaching students about physical science as they design, test, measure, and code with sensors that mimic real-world vehicle technology.

  • Transform the //code.Node into a vehicle sensing device

  • Program an odometer for the //code.Node Cart

  • Create a radar detector to catch speeding carts

  • Includes printed activities & video lessons


  • 將 //code.Node 轉化為車輛傳感設備

  • 為 //code.Node Cart 編寫里程表

  • 創建雷達探測器以捕捉超速推車

  • 包括印刷活動和視頻課程

Coding with Sound and Light Sensor Technologies Kit (ST-7830)


Engage students in the exploration of light and sound with exciting activities and familiar phenomena that bring concepts to life.

  • Experiment with light, color, and sound

  • Program a //code.Node color sensor and song

  • Detect intruders with a home alarm system

  • Includes printed activities and video lessons


  • 嘗試光線、顏色和聲音

  • 編寫 //code.Node 顏色傳感器和歌曲

  • 使用家庭警報系統檢測入侵者

  • 包括印刷活動和視頻課程

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